DC Announces Injustice Animated Movie


NetherRealm has been awfully quiet about a certain series in recent months.

Yes, while Injustice 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed to be in development, it’s largely expected to be the studio’s next AAA-sized project and anticipation is high for it. Which is perfectly understandable given how accomplished the fighting game franchise is and how beloved it is by fans.

But in the meantime, it seems DC is going to be giving us a little something to scratch our Injustice itch with, as the studio is working on an animated movie based the hit property. Meaning we’ll get to watch Batman and Superman go to war with the entire DC Universe as we know it torn down the middle. And though it remains to be seen how closely this film will stick to the games, you can definitely expect some awesome fight scenes.

Further details on the project are unclear at this early, early stage, but you’ll get a sneak peek at it on the upcoming home video release of Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two, which hits Digital on July 27th and Blu-ray on August 11th. Beyond that, there’s not much else that we know about this Injustice movie, but obviously, the prospect of it is hugely exciting.

Indeed, it’s been a pretty big day for DC fans on the whole, with new animated series for both the Dark Knight and the Big Blue Boy Scout having been announced already. Throw this Injustice film onto the pile, too, and you have a whole heap of fresh content to look forward to in addition to whatever the DCEU is cooking up at the moment.

Tell us, though, are you hyped about an animated movie based on the beloved fighting games? Let us know down below.