DC fans are crazy for ‘Man of Steel 2’ after Henry Cavill Comic-Con rumors

Henry Cavill as Superman
Image via Warner Bros.

It is reported Henry Cavill will be attending the San Diego Comic-Con beginning tomorrow. Fans have been sent into overdrive, some have said the claim is giving them false hope and for many, all they want is a Man of Steel 2 with him back in the blue suit.

Cavill last played the role in 2017’s Justice League and has not had a standalone film with the character since 2013’s Man of Steel. Several people have began fan-casting what a sequel would look like and, for one Twitter user, only one villain makes sense;

Others are hoping Zack Snyder is back to direct after steering the first film and much of the early days of the DCEU before seeing his vision jettisoned. A recent Rolling Stone article claimed Snyder was involved in some bad behavior surrounding his fans and his fabled cut of 2017’s Justice League, and, if he does return, Sonny Bunch of The Bulwark joked it could give some vindication;

For another, all being floated to fuel fires of fandom on Twitter now is best taken with a massive grain of salt. While people have expectations, it is ultimately best to not set them too high and what does happen often has a tendency to not sync up with visions;

Nothing is official as of this story’s filing, though, through the years, there have been many rumors about Man of Steel 2. For now, the project exists as a theorized idea and Superman has mainly been making faceless cameos in works like Peacemaker and Shazam!