DC fans are going berserk after convincing themselves this ‘Justice League’ star is in the ‘Shazam! 2’ trailer

The Justice League
Photo via Warner Bros.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is coming out in a few months as one of the last movies in the original DCU line-up before James Gunn pushes that hard reboot button, so the fandom understandably wants director David F. Sandberg to cram as many cameo appearances as possible in the sequel.

The original movie featured an appearance from Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel, but the only part of the character we glimpsed was his costume as a stunt took a tray of food to where Jack Dylan Grazer’s character was sitting in the post-credits scene. Now that the movie has turned out to be a successful outing for Warner, perhaps they decided to up the ante and bring a Justice League member out in earnest.

That certainly seems to be what folks on social media are now convincing themselves of after that latest trailer. In fact, many think they have caught a sighting of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman giving some sage advice to Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson. Here’s the teaser shot in question:

The hair and the outline definitely bring Gadot’s Diana Prince to mind, but it could also be a coincidence. Many people appear to take it as evidence enough though.

Fans are going to lose it if they see Gal Gadot’s character without a head. Do this right, Sandberg.

We probably won’t see Diana going toe-to-toe with Helen Mirren’s surprisingly spry antagonist, so you will have to content yourself with Zachary Levi punching the living villainy out of the British dame.

Whether she’s in the movie or not is a question to be answered only on March 17. But if so, who even needs Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam when you’ve got the Amazonian goddess?