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DC fans want ‘Black Adam’ to succeed for reasons that have nothing to do with the movie

Is Dwayne Johnson the best thing that's happened to the DCEU in years?

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros.

Black Adam finally arrives on Friday, marking the end of an incredibly long period in development that began when Dwayne Johnson first expressed an interest in playing the character way back in November 2007. 15 years (and many scripts) later the film is here, but many dedicated DC fans are hoping for it to be a hit not because they care about the character, but because of what it might mean for behind-the-scenes decisions.

Unlike the majority of superhero blockbusters, Black Adam stars a bona fide A-lister with a lot of influence across the industry. Johnson has been quite open about how he’s used his star power to put pressure on Warner Bros. to make the movie he wanted, particularly in having an appearance from Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Cavill’s return was a no-go for years, as WB executives considered him too wrapped up in the SnyderVerse storyline they’re desperate to forget. But, Johnson wouldn’t take no for an answer, and his persistence paid off. DC fans are delighted, and hoping for a smash hit so he sticks around:

Replies agree, especially in that he’s successfully brought back Superman:

This is the energy and charisma DC needs:

When you put it like this, the WB executives look even worse:

Others are warier, pointing out that we don’t know if this cameo will lead to a full Cavill comeback:

Has Johnson’s wrestling experience taught him that it’s always best to listen to the fans?

We’ll see whether Black Adam is a hit or not, though right now all’s looking well for the DCEU’s newest antihero. We’ll know for sure in just a few days when the movie opens on Oct. 21.

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