DCEU fans still holding out hope for Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ movie

ben affleck batman

Barely a day goes by without vocal supporters of the DCEU’s SnyderVerse making their opinions known, and they’ve certainly been stirring up plenty of controversy this weekend.

Wonder Woman fans were up in arms when a viral tweet claimed that Zack Snyder was directly and solely responsible for the Amazonian superhero’s resurgent popularity in the eyes of the general public, even though she’s been an icon of popular culture for close to 80 years.

Last night saw a brand new Japanese trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman drop, which contained plenty of brand new footage from the upcoming reboot. How did SnyderVerse Twitter react? Why, by having Ben Affleck’s unmade comic book blockbuster trend, of course.

At this stage, we’d be very surprised if Affleck’s Batman blockbuster ever happened. Sure, he returned for the Snyder Cut reshoots and will lend support in The Flash, but you get the feeling that’s to give the actor closure after he admitted that Joss Whedon’s Justice League reshoots weren’t the way he wanted to end his tenure as the DCEU’s canonical Caped Crusader.

Then again, there was skepticism that a four-hour redux of the all-star epic would even materialize, so we’d be foolish to definitively rule anything out, especially with Warner Bros. and DC Films’ fluid approach to the mythology.