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DCEU fans throw their weight behind Jesse Eisenberg returning as Lex Luthor

The red capes are coming!

Lex Luthor

The last time we saw Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor was the post-credits scene of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Newly freed from prison and now as bald as his comic book counterpart, he relaxes on a luxury yacht and decides to build a league of his own

The stinger was intended to tease a Legion of Doom that we’ll almost certainly never get to see. In fact, that post-credits scene is very likely to be Eisenberg’s swansong as Luthor, with Warner Bros. gearing up for a huge ‘reset’ of the DCEU, meaning that there doesn’t seem to be much interest in continuing Snyder’s story. That’s sad, especially because the actor has said he’d love to play the role again.

Based on his recent comments, fans are now celebrating the DCEU Luthor and demanding his return to the big screen. This comes on the back of an interview in which Eisenberg discussed the thought that went into the character, and his disappointment at the mixed reaction to his performance.

In response, #JesseEisenbergLexLuthor is trending on Twitter, so here’s a selection of what’s going down:

Eisenberg is getting some much-delayed love for the performance:

Others have been fans from the get go:

Slightly worryingly some seem to see Luthor as a role model…:

Sorry Gene Hackman, but it looks like this version is the one to beat:

Others are choosing their favorite scenes:

His awesome theme music is also getting some love:

Sadly we’ll probably never see this version of Luthor back on the big screen. Warner Bros. seems to consider Zack Snyder’s Justice League as being the end of that version of the DCEU, and we suspect he’ll be recast when the company inevitably reboots Superman sometime in the next few years.

But, despite all the criticism, we actually liked Eisenberg’s take on the villain, and wish we could have gotten to see him tearing it up in some green and purple power armor.

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