DCEU Passes $3 Billion At Global Box Office Thanks To Wonder Woman


Coming hot off its fifth weekend on the market, one in which the film scooped up an additional $15.5 million in North America, Wonder Woman‘s worldwide total has now surpassed $700 million.

Proving initial projections to be true, the Patty Jenkins-directed solo flick is currently the highest-grossing entry into the DC Extended Universe domestically. How does it compare with its superhero peers? In light of its latest weekend haul, Wonder Woman‘s domestic total has now reached $346 million, putting it comfortably ahead of Man of Steel ($291 million), Batman V Superman ($330 million), and Suicide Squad ($325 million). Not bad, eh?

What’s perhaps even more impressive, though, is that thanks to Wonder Woman‘s smashing success, the DCEU has now earned over $3 billion worldwide. At only four instalments old, that’s no small feat and if nothing else, it proves that the franchise is financially successful, it not always a hit with critics and fans. And with things now starting to pick up for the studio’s burgeoning cinematic universe, it would seem that the money is only going to continue to pile in over the next little while.

In fact, if Wonder Woman is any indication of what’s to come, then the DCEU could be about to take off in a big way. Riding a wave of incredibly positive reviews and the adoration of fans everywhere, the Gal Gadot-led flick is currently the talk of the town and a sign that finally, Warner Bros. has decided to inject a sense of hope and optimism into their DC films. If that carries over into Justice League and the rest, which we believe it will, then there’s no reason to think that the box office hauls going forward won’t be especially strong as well.

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