The DCEU Has A Big Surprise Coming Before The Year’s Out


After Justice League failed to provide the franchise with its big Avengers moment at the box office, it was clear that the DCEU was in trouble and in need of some reorientation, but with strong reviews and an impressive opening weekend predicted for the upcoming Aquaman, there’s a chance that this superhero saga might pull through after all.

What’s more, once Arthur Curry’s solo debut has arrived in cinemas, it seems that Warner Bros. may still have one more trick up their sleeve before 2019 comes our way, with Revenge of The Fans’ Mario-Francisco Robles taking to Twitter to share the latest rumor:

“Hearing whispers that #DC will give us one last gift before the holiday break at the end of December. No idea what it is, big or small. Could be a trailer, or an announcement.

Regardless, they’re gonna throw us one more bone before the New Year.”

Robles’ report is so vague that Warner is almost guaranteed to prove him right, but we can at least try to narrow down the possible projects that could be teased in the near future.

By the time 2018 is at its end, DC’s next cinematic release will be Shazam!, suggesting that the studio might want to give us another taste of what the new year holds, perhaps in the form of another trailer. Beyond that, however, the next set of DCEU movies won’t coming our way until 2020, but surely we can’t rule out getting further news on the likes of Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984. Moreover, there are a few projects that Warner has been keeping relatively mysterious on for some time now, so maybe we’re due for some official clarification on what’s going on with The Batman or even Green Lantern Corps.

Then again, the announcement could be concerning a project that hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, or might actually have something to do with DC’s planned streaming service. Of course, we could also be making a big fuss over nothing here, but at the very least, we’ll find out after Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st.