The DCEU Is About To Receive Some Really Bad News


The DC Extended Universe has faced a rocky road so far, with pretty much four out of the five movies released under the DCEU banner having been met with a sizeable amount of criticism and fan backlash. With Wonder Woman proving that the franchise can produce a hit, though, and early word on Aquaman sounding positive, fans are hoping that its fortunes might be about to turn around. And while James Wan’s upcoming tentpole may indeed be as good as people say it is, we’re now hearing that some really bad news is on the way for the franchise.

John Campea made that claim in a recent video posted to his YouTube channel. Previously, Campea had the scoop on both Ben Affleck’s wavering interest in playing Batman and Jake Gyllenhaal being the top contender to replace him, so there is a good chance he’s right about this as well. As always, though, we advise taking what he says with the usual grain of salt.

Campea wouldn’t budge on what the news is but did stress that it was “100% true.” As for when it’ll be made public knowledge, he stated that it could be anywhere between “a month, 3 months [or] 5 months.” You can hear what he has to say about it in the video below (at the 12:50 mark), but again, don’t expect any further details.

With very little to go on, it’s difficult to try and narrow down what sort of news Campea is teasing. However, we might have an idea. Given his close ties to the unfolding Ben Affleck story, it could be that Campea has had it confirmed that Affleck is on his way out. He also cites the reason why he isn’t revealing the news is because he got so much backlash for reporting that Affleck was leaving the franchise in the past.

This wouldn’t be too surprising, given the most recent reports on the subject. Word has it that not only is Ben Affleck not committing to more appearances as the Dark Knight right now, but that Warner Bros. themselves are disappointed in how Affleck has failed to become a poster boy for the DCEU in the same way that Robert Downey Jr. is for Marvel’s MCU.

Obviously, this is just speculation on our part. All we know for certain is that the burgeoning cinematic universe is about to be hit with some bad news, so fans best brace themselves if Campea’s intel is indeed on the level.

Source: John Campea