Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead Releases Full International Trailer Featuring Loads Of Zombie Carnage!


There are so many heavy-hitting horror hopefuls at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, but no film has me as excited as Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead. The whole Nazi zombie angle may seem like a cheap gimmick, but after seeing (and LOVING) Dead Snow back in 2009, I was sold on a sequel as soon as the credits rolled. Even though I actually ended up liking Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (I know, what kind of masochist am I?), all I’ve ever wanted from Wirkola was another bit of insanity centered around evil Germans – which this horror fan is finally getting.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the January 19th premiere at Sundance, Wirkola’s first teaser trailer was enough to get me excited simply by showing the return of Martin, the return of Herzog, and the attachment of Herzog’s severed arm to Martin’s unconscious body – apparently giving him super strength. Giddy as a schoolyard fangirl, I couldn’t imagine myself being more excited – until today. Yes, today brings even more Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead goodness in the form of our first full trailer, albeit international.

Taking a look at this trailer, we finally get an idea of the newer, populated town setting, as well as American actor Martin Starr’s involvement. Until now, Starr’s character has been a bit of a mystery, teased as being part of a zombie killing team, but now that we see it’s more of a bumbling after-school detective deal, the chances for comedic gold have skyrocketed. Oh yea, and there are zombie armies now and they are fighting one another. There’s also plenty of gory goodness and maybe a tank or two for good measure. Suffice it to say, it looks like Wirkola has outdone himself, really stretching his B-Movie ideas into farfetched new realms.

In addition to the trailer, there’s also the news that the U.S. distribution rights have been acquired for Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead, which is splendid news for us stateside horror fans. Well Go USA has picked up Wirkola’s sequel (with a theatrical commitment) and plans to announce their intended release date shortly, but instead of the half-Norwegian, half-English version released at Sundance, Well Go USA plans to release an all-English version of the film. After all this excitement, I’d be heartbroken to watch this Nazi zombie slaughterfest go up in flames because of some poor voice dubbing. Here’s hoping that I get a version with subtitles, like it was intended!

In any case, be sure to check out the trailer below for Dead Snow: Red Vs. Dead, and let us know what you think in the comments! Would you rather all the foreign language parts be dubbed by strange voices that don’t always match up with the character’s mouth? Don’t you think everything looks perfect as is with subtitles? We’re a nation of multitaskers, surely we can read and watch a film at the same time for the sake of quality!