Deadman Movie Reportedly In The Works, Will Set Up Justice League Dark


Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Justice League Dark movie off the ground for years. J.J. Abrams is producing JLD TV series for HBO Max, but that’s not stopping them from working on launching the team on the big screen, too. They’re just taking a new approach – giving the supernatural heroes their own solo movie first. Oscar-winner Emerald Fennell is directing a Zatanna flick, for one, and maybe the next character to get the same treatment is Deadman.

That Hashtag Show is reporting that WB is busy working on a Deadman movie. This, the outlet is saying, is part of their efforts to build up to a JLD team-up film, mirroring Marvel’s approach to the Avengers. The intention is apparently to make each solo outing “unique and fresh” but also “work towards a larger narrative.” As for this one, specifically, a script from an unknown writer is said to have been in development for the past two years, held up by the pandemic.

It’s finally picking up speed, though, we’re told, with WB on the hunt for a suitable director. A leaked shortlist reveals that the studio is after a talented horror filmmaker to do the job – Oz Perkins (Gretel and Hansel), Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day) and Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor) are the three top contenders right now.

deadman dc

The Deadman film is believed to “explore the character’s origin, his murder, and his attempts to discover who murdered him and bring his murderer to justice.” This fits with his comic book storyline, too. In the source material, Boston Brand was a circus trapeze artist who was killed by a mysterious assassin known as The Hook, with his ghost being granted the ability to possess any living being by a Hindu god so that he could avenge his own death.

The lead role has yet to be cast, but THS notes that WB is looking for a skilled actor who “can emote and act through CGI and makeup,” with Andy Serkis and Doug Jones held up as prime examples of the kind of person they’re after. It doesn’t seem that the pair are necessarily being considered themselves, though.

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