Deadpool 2 Brings Back A Classic X-Men Character


With just a few days to go until the Merc’s second coming, 20th Century Fox’s marketing machine is beginning to fire on all cylinders as we approach Deadpool 2‘s May 18th release. And one need only look to the recent barrage of TV spots and trailers for proof of that. The studio seems to be doing a good job of publicizing the film, too, as it’s already broken numerous ticket sales records.

But circling back to those trailers, a few of them have been particularly spoiler-y, with fans noticing more than a few references/shots which point to the sequel bringing back a classic X-Men character. Yes, as you’ve no doubt heard by now, there’s an incredible amount of evidence telling us that Juggernaut will feature in Deadpool 2, and after having spoken to those who’ve seen the film, we can confirm that Cain Marko does indeed make an appearance, and a suitably big one at that.

Spoilers will follow from here on out, of course, but from what we understand, we first stumble across Juggernaut in a prison for mutants, where DP and Russell are being held. The former eventually breaks out, thanks to Cable, while the latter stays behind and befriends the beloved X-Men villain.

We don’t actually see him in the flesh though until the two are being moved to another location. It’s here, when the Merc, Cable and Domino try to intercept Russell, that the young kid frees Juggernaut from his cell on the transport truck and finally unleashes him on our heroes.

Apparently, Deadpool instantly recognizes him, too, and has a rather humorous exchange with the villain before things turn violent. From there, we apparently get a lot of great action featuring Cain Marko, including an awesome fight scene between him and the aforementioned trio, along with another brawl when he takes on Colossus one-on-one.

Details of his involvement in the pic beyond that are scarce, but it’s nice to get some info on the character’s role regardless and with Deadpool 2 now just days away, it won’t be long before fans are finally re-acquainted with the Juggernaut.