Deadpool 2 Soundtrack Seems To Confirm Juggernaut’s Involvement


It’s looking increasingly likely that Deadpool 2 will signal the return of Juggernaut, after all.

With just a few weeks to go until the Merc’s second coming, 20th Century Fox’s marketing machine is beginning to fire on all cylinders as we approach May 18th. And one need only look to the recent barrage of TV spots and trailers for proof of that. The studio seems to be doing a good job of publicizing the film, too, as it’s now on pace to break numerous ticket sales records.

But circling back to those trailers, and just the other week, fans spotted a possible reference to the aforementioned Juggernaut. It wasn’t much, but eagle-eyed viewers noticed a shot which appeared to show Stefan Kapicic’s Colossus jamming a knife or some form of blade into a particularly large opponent.

Hardly concrete proof that the character will appear in the upcoming sequel, but soon after that, another promo surfaced which, once again, hinted that the aforementioned villain may be involved. And it doesn’t end there, either, as the film’s official soundtrack made its way online this week and one song in particular seems to be all about Mr. Cain Marko.

Titled “You Can’t Stop This Mother F*****,” it strongly hints at the Juggernaut, with one part of the track even saying, “You can’t stop him, he’s a juggernaut. You can’t stop this motherf—r.” Adding further fuel to the fire is that the song was originally available to stream over on Billboard but has since been removed, perhaps because Fox realized it was a spoiler.

If you still aren’t buying it, then it’s also worth remembering that it was reported last year that Juggernaut might show up in Deadpool 2, as set photos revealed an actor wearing a head piece looking very much like the character’s recognizable helmet. So, all the evidence is pointing to an appearance from the villain, then. Let’s just hope it’s a more successful big screen outing than his last one, eh?