Deadpool 2 Set Photos Might Hint At A Return For Juggernaut


The latest snaps from the set of Deadpool 2 might just tease an appearance from a famous X-Men universe villain. The scoop comes to us from Omega Underground, who’ve compiled evidence suggesting that Juggernaut could be returning to the franchise for the first time since 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. 

OU has acquired two photos of an as-yet unnamed stunt performer in a motion capture suit while filming in Vancouver. The second image, specifically, also features the performer with a rig, much like the one used to increase the height of Colossus stand-in Andre Tricoteux in the first movie.

So, why does this suggest an appearance from Juggernaut? Well, according to Twitter user @66mitchell, the stuntman was seen wearing a giant headpiece. Maybe the armoured helmet usually donned by Cain Marko? The scene also featured some mysterious “guys in yellow.”

As OU also mentions, audition tapes for the movie had previously found their way online before 20th Century Fox called for them to be taken down, and they seemed to hint at a character nicknamed “the big man downstairs,” who could easily be Juggernaut.

After all, fans of the series have been calling for a new version of the villain to appear for years, ever since Vinnie Jones turned the character into a laughing stock in The Last Stand. 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past was originally set to include a younger Marko, as played by Josh Helman, but the character’s role in the movie was eventually filled by Quicksilver and Helman was recast as William Stryker.

The Juggernaut rumour also fits in with the other characters reported to be in the movie. For one, Jack Kesy is said to be playing Black Tom Cassidy, a villain who’s partnered up with Juggernaut before in the comics. Colossus is also set to return for the sequel and as fans will know, him and Juggernaut have an ongoing rivalry in the source material. Lastly, Juggernaut is a frequent foe of X-Force, many members of which will appear in the upcoming sequel. Of course, none of this is to say that the villain will 100% be showing up in the film, but it is looking pretty likely, don’t you think?

Deadpool 2 is set to land in theatres on June 1st 2018.