Deadpool 2 Will Feature 3 X-Force Characters


It’s no secret that 20th Century Fox is putting together one massive shared world for the X-Men and all related characters. That includes New Mutants, Deadpool, X-Force and whatever other properties the studio may be cooking up behind closed doors. In regards to those last two though, we know that they’ll be tied together quite closely, as both the Merc with a Mouth and Cable will feature heavily in each film. And apparently, their appearance in the latter will be set up by a post-credits scene in Deadpool 2. is reporting that the tag will feature 3 different mutants who are set to show up in the X-Force movie. According to their sources, Fox is currently casting the roles and from what they’ve heard, the characters in question are Sunspot, Feral and Shatterstar.

Here’s how the outlet describes them:


Real name Roberto DaCosta, Sunspot is a mutant character who first manifested his powers at the age of 14 when he was playing in his championship soccer match for his school team in Rio de Janeiro. In doing so, he realized he can become cloaked in darkness which was done in an effort to stop a bully. Absorbing all of the light increases his physical strength.


Real name Maria Callasantos, Feral is the sister of Thornn who first appeared in New Mutants #99 in March of 1991. The cat-like mutant has a feline appearance, enhanced senses and agility, an impressive healing factor, sharp claws, fangs, and a prehensile tail. She has a lot in common with a really mean cat.


Real name Gaveedra Seven, Shatterstar has existed in Marvel Comics under several aliases which include Benjamin Russell, Star, and Star Face. He is the son of Dazzler and Longshot and, thanks to the time travel story lines often created in comics, is responsible for the creation of Longshot. Shatterstar is known to have eyes which appear to be clear or silvery, hollow bones, and being lighter than the average person. was given no indication as to which actors were being looked at for the roles, but whoever it is that the studio settles on for Feral, Shatterstar and Sunspot, don’t expect them to factor into Deadpool 2 very heavily. Again, they’ll simply be showing up in the post-credits scene before going on to have a presumably larger role in X-Force.

Still, even despite the fact that they won’t be given much to do, it’s exciting to watch Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe slowly come together like this, as the building blocks are definitely being laid. With Deadpool 2 already set to feature the Merc, Cable and Domino, among others, there really isn’t much room for anyone else, anyways, so keeping the X-Force crew in the background until the end does make sense.

Production on the David Leitch-directed sequel is set to get underway this summer, so expect more updates on the film, including the casting of these three mutants, to arise shortly.