Blistering New Clip For Deadpool 2 Sees The Merc Give Chase


We’re fast approaching the two-week countdown to Deadpool 2, and in order to fan the flames of excitement, 20th Century Fox has pulled back the velvet curtain on a brand new clip for the David Leitch sequel. And it’s every bit as cheeky and downright exhilarating as you’d expect.

Coming to us by way of ABC, the footage above places the Merc on a collision course with Nathan Summers (AKA Cable), the futuristic freedom fighter brought to life by Josh Brolin in what is about to become the actor’s second major comic book role of the summer – after Avengers: Infinity War, of course.

But whereas Thanos is all about galactic genocide and Infinity Stones, Cable is more concerned with Russell, the fire-wielding mutant who is said to be responsible for some future atrocity that Nathan Summers hopes to prevent. And the Merc? He’s seen here tailing Cable and Domino on a red Vespa, which is, frankly, vintage Wade Wilson.

Arguably one of the most intriguing facets of Deadpool 2 is the man behind the lens – David Leitch. Having earned his action stripes on Atomic Blonde, not to mention co-directing John Wick, the filmmaker picked up the torch from the outgoing Tim Miller, who has since agreed to spearhead The Terminator for Skydance.

That tells us Deadpool 2 will feature a lot more action compared to its predecessor, while box office projections indicate Leitch’s follow-up is destined for a record-setting $150 million debut in North America.

The Merc’s raunchy second coming is scheduled for release on May 18th, and we know Deadpool 2 has been angled as the cinematic springboard for Drew Goddard’s X-Force team-up movie. As for a third Deadpool movie? Don’t hold your breath

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