Box Office: Fox’s Deadpool 2 Sets Sights On $150M-Plus Opening


Deadpool 2, summer’s other major event movie after Infinity War, is destined for a pretty big opening at the domestic box office next month.

How big, you ask? Try $150 million, after Deadline revealed that the Merc’s second solo adventure has come onto tracking hot. Keep in mind that this is an industry estimate, as 20th Century Fox is yet to disclose its own box office projections for Deadpool 2.

Nevertheless, after being crowned Fandango’s biggest R-rated advance ticket seller – easily surpassing Fifty Shades of Grey – and setting new records at Regal Cinemas, news of a potential $150 million opening haul in North America should come as no surprise to those keeping track of Deadpool 2‘s development cycle. It’ll also be enough for David Leitch’s sequel to overtake the first Deadpool movie ($132 million) and become Fox’s biggest domestic opening, well, ever.

Deadline’s report also delves a little deeper to document how Deadpool 2 performed in unaided awareness, a sort of litmus test designed to gauge a film’s buzz among those who are unprompted in polling. Well, the numbers have been crunched, and the Merc’s sophomore installment scored a very respectable 29, putting it well ahead of Logan (24, $88.4M), Suicide Squad (24, $133.6M), Deadpool (19, $132M) and just shy of Captain America: Civil War (32, $179M).

The takeaway? Deadpool 2 is well on its way to becoming the third biggest box office hit of 2018 – so far, at least – after Avengers: Infinity War and the wildly successful Black Panther. Exactly how high the sequel’s box office tally will climb is still up for debate, but we’ll be keeping one ear to the ground once those numbers begin rolling in on May 18th.

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