New Deadpool 2 Clip Laughs At Batman V Superman’s Expense


“Sorry I’m late…”

Fresh from his Old Trafford takeover, Ryan Reynolds swung by Good Morning America earlier today to show off the latest official clip for Deadpool 2. And it’s every bit as hilarious and meta as you’d expect.

Starring Wade Wilson (Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), up above you’ll see a visibly exhausted Wade attempt to explain his punctuality – or lack thereof. Traffic and some last-ditch heroics fail to convince the curious Vanessa, leaving Ryan Reynolds’ titular anti-hero with only one option: to have a dig at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and its melodramatic Martha twist.

And at least based on Vanessa’s reaction, that excuse isn’t going to cut it, either, though we’ll have to wait until Deadpool 2 smashes its way into theaters later this week before we discover the full consequences of Wade’s actions – not to mention those tongue-in-cheek jokes that are designed specifically to break the fourth wall.

It’s a relatively short clip, of course, though considering 20th Century Fox has already offered an extended preview of Deadpool and Domino’s first run-in with Cable, it’s understandable that the studio plans to keep things on lockdown until the sequel’s grand launch later this week.

Word is the Merc’s sophomore outing is destined for a record-breaking weekend in North America, where the sequel is expected to become the biggest R-rated opening of all time with approximately $150 million – a figure that’s notably higher than the $134 million debut of the first film.

Deadpool 2 sees a release this Friday, May 18th, and it’ll likely act as a springboard for Drew Goddard’s planned X-Force crossover – even if it comes at the expense of a third Deadpool solo movie.