Deadpool 2 Almost Included Another X-Men Character


While the Merc with a Mouth has frequently joked about the lack of big-name mutants in his movies, the truth is that the Deadpool series still has a pretty generous range of gifted and colorful characters to choose from, to the point that at least one noteworthy figure initially planned for Deadpool 2 couldn’t even make the final cut.

That character is one Blaquesmith, a mole-like mutant who often features in the comics as an ally to Cable in their dystopian future. Had the film’s initial director Tim Miller not departed from the project, Blaquesmith may have played an important role in the action of Deadpool 2, albeit looking a lot more human than his comic book equivalent.

In these early stages of the production, before Atomic Blonde director David Leitch stepped in, storyboard artist Alexander Lozano came up with some designs for the character, which he’s now made viewable on Instagram. The three images suggest an aggressive prison inmate who’s intimidating enough to feel like a threat, while still being potentially silly enough to fit right in with the irreverent world of Deadpool.

The post came with the following caption:

“BLAQUESMITH! …character design for the tim miller version of deadpool 2 (4/5). a villain who can master every weapon and transform anything into a weapon – the idea was to make him a modern ninja using (after his escape from prison) baton and handcuffs as ninjatō and kusarigama and making the convict clothes kinda look like samurai trousers (picture 1). …mmmmh listening to myself i get the impression that i realy don’t have a grown up job.”

Though we may never know how Deadpool 2 would’ve turned out if Miller hadn’t left due to creative differences, there’s always the possibility that Blaquesmith will be able show off some ninja skills in future installments. For one thing, we hear the X-Force is looking for new recruits.

As for Leitch’s version of the film, it’s now available on Digital and will be arriving via The Super Duper Cut on Blu-ray and DVD next week.