Deadpool 2 Cruises To A Stellar Weekend At The Box Office As It Breaks New Record


Coming just a week after one of 2018’s biggest blockbusters, Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story, suffered the most disappointing debut of the year, the David Leitch-directed, R-rated farce, Deadpool 2, has now soared to nearly $600 million worldwide, with its current global haul sitting at a whopping $598.6 million.

That’s thanks to the film pulling in $23.6 million on home turf and $56.3 million overseas this weekend. For those keeping track, that gives it a domestic total of $254.6 million and an international total of $344 million, combining for that aforementioned $598.6 million. Not bad, eh? And yes, that means it’s now the highest grossing comedy sequel of all-time, surpassing The Hangover Part II‘s worldwide gross of $587 million.

It’s creeping up on another record as well, with the Merc now eyeing Meet the Fockers‘ domestic take of $279 million, which makes it the highest grossing comedy sequel in North America. And at this point, it’s all but certain that Wade Wilson will reach that mark and pass it, either next week or the one after that.

So, all things considered, the future looks extremely bright for DP right now. True, Deadpool 3 may not be a sure thing at the moment, but Wade Wilson will be back for that X-Force spinoff we keep hearing so much about. And beyond that? Well, we can’t say for sure, but with these kind of numbers, expect to see a lot more of the anti-hero in the years to come.

In fact, if that proposed Disney/Fox merger goes through, we may even see him enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if that does indeed happen, we ask just one thing: please keep the Merc R-rated.

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