Deadpool 2’s Stefan Kapicic Weighs In On The Merc Possibly Joining The MCU


In addition to giving Juggernaut his own slice of silver screen redemption, Fox did likewise with Colossus in both Deadpool movies. Admittedly, I didn’t hate what we’d been witness to in prior films, but the metallic mutant seen recently is much more in line with the guy I grew up reading about in the comics.

That said, I must confess I’m among those who’ve grown concerned about the Disney-Fox merger possibly becoming a reality. Yes, it’d be cool to see the X-Men and Avengers finally appearing in the same film somewhere down the line, but I just don’t want the Mouse House Nerfing certain characters for the sake of being family friendly and maintaining those PG-13 ratings. I mean, come on, I don’t care how many times Kevin Feige and company say they’re open to R-ratings, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still bereft of guys like the Punisher and Blade.

And although the actor currently voicing Colossus, Stefan Kapicic, is game for a CGI smackdown with Thanos, he, too, doesn’t want to compromise the world he’s helped establish, offering the following at a recent press event in London:

“We’ll see. You know those are the are the questions we cannot answer because we don’t know what is going to happen. But you know, Deadpool is such a successful franchise, so whoever takes over, I don’t think they’re going to change anything – and I don’t it that to be changed because you know Deadpool is Deadpool. It needs to stay R-Rated. You don’t want to destroy something that created so much money and first of all, you need to satisfy fans. So if they make that mistake, they’re going to (Colossus voice) need to fight dirty.”

When asked about the possibility of a Deadpool 3 or X-Force movie, Kapicic had this to say:

“Well, we have [an] extremely successful franchise, so there [are] rumors of X-Force and Deadpool 3. We will see what’s going to happen. Just wait. But we’re not allowed to say.”

To be frank, I could imagine both of those pictures seeing the light of day eventually, but when it comes to Colossus, I think Deadpool 3 is the likeliest place he’ll show up next. My gut tells me that the studio will build around the triumvirate that is Deadpool, Cable and Domino in X-Force itself, and perhaps add other characters from the comics to the mix. If so, there might not be much room in the screenplay or budget for certain folks making up Wade Wilson’s supporting cast.

Source: Screen Geek