Fox Releases Hi-Res Still Of Deadpool 2’s Surprise Villain


Despite all of the humor and self-awareness that made up Deadpool 2, something I think we should all respect about it and the prior film is that not only did both finally bring fan favorite mutants such as Cable and Domino to the big screen, but they redeemed a few others as well. I mean, I didn’t hate Colossus’ prior portrayals, but what I saw in these most recent outings was much more comparable to what I’d grown used to on the printed page.

One other stalwart from the X-Men comics who was granted a second chance was that of Juggernaut. Granted, I’m not sure if it’s fair to call him “the big bad” because it’s debatable if Deadpool 2 even had one, and due to how I think it was more so about the journey being taken by Wade Wilson and Firefist, but he did make for one formidable threat in the third act – not to mention one hell of a surprise! And what’s more is that it him being the brother of Charles Xavier was actually acknowledged.

That said, major props go to Fox for managing to keep the reveal under wraps until showtime. Barring a whisper or two, not many moviegoers knew to expect him, perhaps largely due to the character being a CGI construct (voiced by Ryan Reynolds, no less) this time around. And if you’ve yet to see what the oversized badass looks like – or if you just want to take a gander at him when he’s not in motion – know that the studio has released a high-resolution still, which you can view below.

Admittedly, we’d have preferred a full body shot, but that’s not to say one won’t arrive shortly. And hey, at least his appearance here is much more in line with the source material, as opposed to, say, his cringe inducing role in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand.

Believe it or not, Deadpool 2 has already surpassed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office, so, who knows, maybe this awesome sequel be able to top the impressive tally of its predecessor? Be sure to stay tuned, as we’ll keep you posted if the usurping does indeed occur.