Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Wants A Domino-Cable Romance In X-Force


If you were around during the 1990’s, then it stands to reason you remember how big of a deal the X-Men were at that time. I mean, not only did you have the animated series creating new fans every day, but there was also an expansive toyline and the comic books were arguably booming more than they’d been for some time.

In addition to the flagship titles like X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, True Believers also had the likes of X-Factor and X-Force at their disposal, each of which featured remarkably different lineups and new ways of utilizing these dynamic characters.

That said, I’m particularly fond of how Deadpool 2 opened up this corner of the Marvel Universe to audiences the world over. And if you’ve already attended a showing of the Merc with a Mouth’s latest big screen outing, then you know how it paves the way for a full-on X-Force team-up flick, which was one of the many things making the Ryan Reynolds-led movie my favorite of the superhero variety to be released in 2018 thus far.

So, even though X-Force is likely in the earliest of planning stages and Zazie Beetz told that she knows “literally nothing” about whatever the plot may entail, the outlet asked her what she’d like to see once it comes together, to which she responded:

“Maybe a romance between Cable and Domino.”

Soon after, some banter ensued between Beetz and co-star Julian Dennison:

Dennison: “Oh yeah, ‘cause that is in the comics.”

Beetz: “That is in the comics.”

Dennison: “But he’s married.”

Well, I think Firefist has her there. Had the future not been altered and Cable’s family been saved, I could see him getting back on the horse in X-Force, as people seem to fall quickly for others in movies. Then again, he’s now stranded in the present and may give in to temptation should passions arise between him and Domino. Time will tell.

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