Deadpool 2’s Home Video Release May Include Close To 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes


It’s no secret that David Leitch and his writing team trimmed a lot of material from Deadpool 2 – hell, word is Ryan Reynolds was tinkering with the sequel’s punchlines right up until the 11th hour – and sure enough, the director has now confirmed that Fox’s inevitable Blu-ray release will feature close to 20 minutes’ worth of deleted scenes.

Chatting to Collider, Leitch spoke candidly about Deadpool 2‘s handling of Nathan Summers (AKA Cable), the surplus of X-Force characters, and the amount of additional footage that was sentenced to the floor of the editing room.

We’re already learned that David Leitch and Fox plan to unleash the extended cut at some point in the future, but here, the former confirms just how much material we can expect.

This is just ballpark…but I would say around 20 minutes [of additional material].

But will 20th Century Fox allow Leitch and his team to release all 20 minutes? That’s still up for debate, according to the director himself:

I don’t know. I am actually putting it together now, and we’re sort of it taking it slow because there are a lot of [alternate takes] that we want to play with, and I want to get Ryan [Reynolds] in there to make sure we’re all on the same page with the comedy we want to do. There are some great scenes that have just been lifted out, and it’d be fun if they were back in.

Finally, Collider quizzed the filmmaker about Black Tom Cassidy, whose screen time was relatively short when compared to the other characters who make up the Deadpool 2 ensemble. Well, it turns out the sequel’s screenplay was reworked early on in development, and Black Tom’s arc was shortened as a result.

What happened with the Black Tom [Cassidy] character…I don’t want to give spoilers away, either. It’s just the movie started to take a turn during the script phase. And so, as we were tightening up the script, Black Tom was an element, but there was a bigger storyline that we were really trying to hit home. So the [Black Tom] storyline just got trimmed [as a result].

Buoyed by its impressive opening ($301M worldwide), Deadpool 2 is currently bracing for its second weekend at the box office, where it’ll face stiff competition from the oncoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Source: Collider