Ryan Reynolds Tinkered With Deadpool 2’s Punchlines Until The 11th Hour


Never underestimate Ryan Reynolds’ commitment to a good punchline.

In fact, as Deadpool 2 composer Tyler Bates tells The Hollywood Reporter, Reynolds was tinkering with the sequel’s punchlines – sprinkling a Batman V Superman joke there and an F-bomb here – well into post-production.

It’s all part of the actor’s approach to Deadpool, which appears to favor ad-libbing and moments of spontaneity over an ironclad script – hell, early ideas for those post-credits zingers included Baby Hitler (!) and Chris Evans reprising his role as the Human Torch – so it should come as no surprise that Ryan Reynolds was hard at work on the screenplay right up until the last minute.

Fittingly, the lead star received a writing credit for his contribution to Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese’s script, and here, Tyler Bates recalls Reynolds’ dedication to his craft:

Ryan has continued writing and updating the movie. I was getting updated cuts with lots of new jokes. With the full body suit and cutting maneuvers in editing, he’s able to change lines and jokes right up to picture lock.

On a more general note, the composer went on to discuss his first dalliance with the Merc With a Mouth – his previous credits include Guardians of the Galaxy and John Wick – and how music was used to amplify Deadpool 2‘s emotional beats.

There was certainly a learning curve with this film, because this is an action-comedy with strong emotional and psychological beats within the story. It’s a true Rubik’s Cube when it comes to score. The music’s role isn’t to add comedy, it’s already funny as hell. It’s mostly to stay out of the way and complement the action and emotional scenes.

Deadpool 2 is all set to hit U.S. theaters on May 18th, and if it’s more coverage you’re after, look no further than our in-depth review.

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