Who Are The New Mutants Of Deadpool 2?


You’ve seen the trailer and pored over each and every frame; now it’s time to settle in and identify the new mutants of Deadpool 2 – not to be confused with Josh Boone’s horror-tinged spinoff that was recently pushed back into 2019.

Front and center is the young Julian Dennison as a fire-wielding mutant. And though previous reports had him pinned as Thunderbird (or perhaps even Neal Shaara), we’re no closer to knowing the name of Dennison’s character. One thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that the fiery teen has cropped up on Cable’s radar, indicating that he’s responsible for some future atrocity. And it’s up to the Merc to save him.

Speaking of which, once Wade Wilson begins assembling his “super-duper-fucking group,” the Deadpool 2 trailer opens its doors to three big-name actors: Terry Crews, Shioli Kutsuna and Bill Skarsgård, also known as the sewer-dwelling Pennywise from New Line’s It reboot. Now, let’s unpack who they may be playing.

First up, Terry Crews, who was once compared to a beefed-up version of G.W. Bridge. Turns out that’s not the case, as this morning’s Deadpool 2 trailer confirmed his character to be Bedlam, a mutant capable of generating a bioelectric field that disrupts mechanical and electrical systems. His powers can also mess with people’s minds – specifically the neurochemistry that controls pain and sleep – but it’s unclear if those powers will come into play.

Kutsuna, meanwhile, was originally painted as a younger version of the famous Psylocke, though we’re now more inclined to believe that she’s actually on board to play Noriko Ashida, the mutant better known as Surge. Finally, details of Bill Skarsgård’s character are practically non-existent, while today’s new and likely final trailer for Deadpool 2 also featured a headshot of real-life comedian Rob Delaney.

Guess that just gives us another excuse to watch the sizzle reel all over again! And remember, May 18th will herald the Merc’s second coming.

Source: /Film