New Deadpool 2 Promo Art Harks Back To The Goonies


Josh Brolin, star of Avengers: Infinity War and the untitled Deadpool 2, is celebrating the big five-oh today, and the Merc has marked the occasion in typically irreverent fashion.

Via Facebook, lead star Ryan Reynolds shared a picture of Deadpool wielding a paintbrush (not for the first time!) as he draws up a portrait of Nathan Summers – better known to you, I and Cyclops as Cable, the time-traveling bandit with one arm, one eye, and one cute little teddy bear.

This being Wade Wilson though, things aren’t exactly going according to plan, as the canvas reveals a painting of Brandon “Brand” Walsh, Josh Brolin’s tough-as-nails character from The Goonies – red bandana and all. If nothing else, it’s yet another hilarious example of Deadpool‘s whip-smart marketing team, who tend to use any major holiday or event (see: Super Bowl LII) to showcase the Merc’s sharp tongue.

Per Reynolds’ Facebook feed, the following picture was captioned with: “Happy Birthday, Bright Eye! Painting you like one of my French girls.”

This Goonies-themed artwork also aligns with Deadpool‘s nostalgic promotional campaign, after last week saw Wade Wilson channel the spirit of Flashdance and, specifically, Jennifer Beals – the only difference being that our gun-toting mercenary was pictured basking in a hail of bullet castings, as opposed to water. Fitting, really, given his love for firearms and things that go boom.

Said to be bracing for a round of last-minute reshoots, Deadpool 2 is still on course for a release on May 18th, when it’ll be bookended by Infinity War (May 4th) and Solo: A Star Wars Story (May 25th). No pressure, then.

Source: Facebook