Deadpool 2 Recap Trailer Helps Newbies Catch Up


Admittedly, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the Merc with a Mouth, but even I can’t deny that I’m very much excited for Deadpool 2. I mean, not only does it look like a kick-ass action movie, but I’d have to be dense not to concede that Ryan Reynolds is the perfect fit for the titular character.

Of course, I’ve seen the first flick, so I know what to expect when I enter the theater in a couple of months, but none of us can take it for granted that everyone else has done likewise. Perhaps knowing this, Fox has released a recap trailer of sorts that helps the uninitiated catch up.

Actually, it isn’t all that different from the latest trailer to have debuted, but it is starts off with a “previously on” portion that’s similar to what you’d see at the top of pretty much any dramatic TV show these days. Basically, it succinctly gives you Wade Wilson’s backstory.

And even though we’ve been given the opportunity to somewhat revisit said preceding events, one has to imagine the sequel will still serve as a decent jumping on point for neophytes. After all, an X-Force movie is expected to spin out of this, and we imagine the studio wants as many folks along for the ride as possible.

Truth be told, that’s one of the major reasons I’ve been looking forward to this film. In short, I’m really liking how Wade’s cinematic outings have really been blowing open many previously untapped corners of the X-Men mythos, thus allowing for the aforementioned spinoff. I’ve long maintained that the X-Men can exist as a universe unto themselves, and I think Fox is realizing this as well.

Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters on May 18th.