The Merc Channels His Inner John Cusack For New Deadpool 2 Promo


“Colossus, I know you’re listening!”

In typically meta fashion, the Merc With a Mouth channels his inner John Cusack for Deadpool 2‘s latest promo, in which a fully-costumed Wade Wilson pleads with Colossus from the grounds of the X-Mansion.

When coupled with today’s blistering final trailer, we can say with some confidence that this scene is lifted from quite early on in the sequel, given that Deadpool 2 appears to largely revolve around Wade Wilson’s quest to assemble the X-Force, protect one peculiar young kid from the clutches of Cable, and chow down a few chimi-fucking-changas along the way.

On a more personal level, though, Ryan Reynolds believe his on-screen anti-hero is a victim of his own hubris. Go figure…

Wade has settled into his new life and new looks and settled into everything else, in particular, his relationship in a pretty positive way. But he’s also a victim of his own hubris once we start the movie and that’s what sort of creates the conflicts and the issues he has to deal with.

Deadpool 2

From the looks of things, the Merc appears to be a little worse for wear here – check out the duct tape on his right arm – while we also see Domino waiting patiently in what can only be Dopinder’s personal taxi/getaway car.

So perhaps their mission to “save the kid” has encountered an unexpected speedbump? Whatever the case, director David Leitch spoke to Entertainment Weekly and essentially sized up Deadpool and Cable, his two big-name leads.

They both have their competing agendas: one is to capture the kid and one is to save the kid. He’s valuable to both of them in different ways it becomes personal for both of them.

Book your tickets now, folks; The Merc Vs. Cable (AKA Deadpool 2) begins screening on May 18th.

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