‘Deadpool 2’ star developing and starring in ‘Rapunzel’ movie

deadpool 2 x-force

Zazzie Beetz is trading in her mutant mercenary title for now, and turning over a new leaf for a Rapunzel film unlike that which we’ve seen before. Beetz and her partner, David Rysdahl, want to take audiences to the next place of Rapunzel’s story — after the happily ever after.

Rysdahl spoke with Screen Rant about his love for writing and how excited they both are to create a new chapter for the princess. As for Beetz, who will be playing the role of Rapunzel, there’s something else exciting here too.

She’ll have a huge afro. That’s something we’re excited about writing…[Zazie’s playing Rapunzel] in the script that we made! Yeah. She’s gonna kill it. She’s so good.

Beetz and Rysdahl created the Sleepy Poppy production company before the COVID-19 pandemic, and as Yahoo! Sports notes, there are about seven stories currently in preproduction for the couple. So what emotional experience do Beetz and Rysdahl hope to give storytellers under their brand? The two spoke with NPR about the process being rooted in exploring creativity.

A place where humans can feel like they are playing in a sandbox of creativity. A place where storytellers can embrace their true, authentic selves while exploring story with joy, passion, wonder, and humility.

With seven stories in the works, we’re sure we’ll be hearing more from Beetz and Rysdahl soon.