Deadpool 2 Star Has A Secret Role In Detective Pikachu


It’s still hard to know what to make of Detective Pikachu. On the one hand, it certainly looks like one of the strangest franchise films of the past few years, but as the trailer released back in November showed us, the technology is definitely there to pull off a live-action Pokémon movie, which makes the crime-fighting Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds a lot less awkward than most people probably expected.

No doubt spurred by the success of Pokémon Go, which served as a sharp reminder that these creatures now hold a cherished place in the hearts of millions, Detective Pikachu has quickly become one of 2019’s most buzzed about films and now, it seems there’s another reason to be excited for it.

Revenge of the Fans is reporting that Rob Delaney, who fans may know as Peter from Deadpool 2, will be showing up in a secret role. According to the outlet, he’s officially a part of the cast but given that the studio hasn’t announced his involvement yet, it’s thought that they have something special/surprising planned for him, though what that may be we can’t say.

Plot-wise, though, we know that Detective Pikachu sees 21-year-old Tim (Justice Smith) team up with Reynolds’ character as he attempts to track down his detective father. While the pair search the streets of Ryme City for clues, they discover a plot that threatens to disrupt the harmony established between humans and Pokémon.

Helmed by Rob Letterman and co-written by Nicole Perlman of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, Detective Pikachu has already made an impressive, if slightly divisive first impression, and it’ll be interesting to watch how fans react to the live-action Pokemon movie when the lights go down in theaters later this year on May 10th.