Deadpool 2 Easter Egg Teases A Big Avengers/X-Men Crossover Event


Deadpool 2 is full of easter eggs and references to both the comic books and other superhero movies, but one of them could prove to be much more significant than most. That’s because a small background detail hints at a major comics event that united the X-Men and the Avengers in devastating fashion. Yes, that’s right. According to this movie, M-Day is coming.

During the final act of the film, Deadpool and his team return to The Essex Home for Mutant Rehabilitation in order to stop Firefist and his new ally Juggernaut from torching the place, thereby setting Russell on the path to become the supervillain Cable knows from the future. Apart from the fact that the home’s name is a nod to Mr. Sinister, on the walls of the creepy orphanage can be seen anti-mutant posters which talk of something called M-Day.

Comic book readers will recognize the importance of this term, as it refers to one of the most notable events in modern Marvel history. In the seminal House of M storyline from 2005, Scarlet Witch uses her reality-warping powers to hand control of the US to her father Magneto. When the assembled heroes rise up against him, however, Wanda decides the world would be simpler without mutants. She then says her most famous line – “no more mutants” – and wipes out mutantkind to near extinction, leaving only 200 of them across the globe.

In the long run, this became the impetus for the later Avengers vs. X-Men event, in which Cyclops and his team desperately protect the Omega level mutant Hope Summers from the Avengers as they believe she’ll save their dying species. Given that, the fact that Deadpool 2 referenced M-Day has got us, and others, thinking that perhaps this event could be used to bridge the gap between the MCU and the X-Men universe somehow, if that Disney-Fox merger goes through.

After all, Scarlet Witch actress Elizabeth Olsen has even expressed interest in starring in a House of M adaptation, albeit one that focused on the romantic drama between Wanda and Vision. Still, this is certainly an interesting easter egg for the filmmakers to have included in Deadpool 2 and though it could be nothing at all, it could also end up paying off somehow down the line.