Elizabeth Olsen Shares Her Ideas For A Solo Scarlet Witch Movie


It’s a continued blot on the relatively unblemished Marvel Cinematic Universe that it will have taken over a decade and twenty films for them to release a movie about a female hero. That’s going to be Captain Marvel, scheduled to hit theaters on March 8th, 2019, but there’s no reason for the studio to stop there.

After all, the MCU is home to many great female characters and a lot of the actresses who play them are interested in one day having their own films. In fact, just last week we heard that Elizabeth Olsen would be down for a Scarlet Witch solo outing and now, she’s even shared some ideas for what she thinks it could be about.

Speaking to Metro, Olsen showed that she’s clearly a fan of the source material, as she suggested an adaptation of the famous “House of M” arc.

“I would love to [do a standalone], and I would love it to be House Of M, which is a comic book series of The Vision and Scarlet Witch having a make-believe family,” she said.

“She believes she has twin children – she alters her own reality to believe that, but really she has a miscarriage and Vision goes along with it. Then they have to tell her that she was make-believing the entire time, and she has a very traumatic experience and screams, and kills all the mutants – but that’s an X-Men story so we’d have to adjust the ending.”

“That is what I want to be the solo story. That’s why I wanted to play Scarlet Witch, it’s my favourite story, with the fake babies and finding out she made it all up and she’s playing house, it’s heartbreaking. It’s incredible.”

Wanda Maximoff first made her MCU debut back in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier before she was properly introduced in the following year’s Avengers: Age of UltronCivil War then continued her story, as will the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Even after that film and its currently untitled sequel hit theaters though, we imagine that there’ll still be a lot left to explore when it comes to Scarlet Witch and as such, we’d love to see her get the chance to headline her own movie.

Whether that’ll ever happen or not, we obviously don’t know. But the character is pretty popular amongst fans and Olsen’s an actress that Marvel would be wise to hold onto, so perhaps it could come to fruition one day. For now, though, we’re certainly looking forward to seeing more of her in Infinity War, which will be with us on the 27th.

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