Over 25 Deadpool 2 Trailer Shots Showcase The Merc, Domino And Terry Crews


Though he was conspicuously absent from Sunday’s Super Bowl extravaganza, the Merc is clearly making up for lost time.

Two zany poster reveals later and we have the first full-blown trailer for Deadpool 2. Initially unveiled early this morning, it’s a hilarious, downright meta preview of the Merc’s next big-screen adventure, which swings its doors open to both Domino (Zazie Beetz) and our favorite time-traveling bandit, Cable.

Infinity War‘s Josh Brolin has signed on to play the latter anti-hero, who will presumably enjoy a small origin story of his own based on the above teaser. It’s a suitably dark and bleak introduction to a character who’s been described as a one-eyed wrecking ball. He’s also the biological son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone), which ought to lend Ryan Reynolds plenty of ammunition for one or three X-Men-related gags. Justice League isn’t off limits, after all, so we’re fully confident in Deadpool 2‘s ability to match the success of its predecessor.

Speaking of which, Collider has relayed a frame-by-frame breakdown of the sequel’s all-new trailer, beginning with that Cable-centric prologue:

Nathan Summers has endured a pretty bleak life in the X-Men comics, and even carries around a stuffed teddy bear to remind him of his daughter, Hope. Indeed, there’s a supririsngly deep story behind that fuzzy companion, though it’s unclear as yet if it’ll factor into the Merc’s sophomore adventure.

Elsewhere in the gallery, we see Cable track down a super-sized military truck that appears to be operating for a company known as “DMC,” while there’s also a sneak peek at Terry Crews and Julian Dennison’s mutant. Perhaps he’s the one being transported around the city? One way or another, his presence has evidently piqued the curiosity of Domino and Cable, who are undoubtedly the two headline additions to Deadpool 2‘s ensemble.

And they’ll grace the silver screen on May 18th.

Source: Collider