Rob Liefeld Explains Why Fox Didn’t Reveal The Deadpool 2 Trailer Sooner


With the exception of November’s goofy teaser, this week brought forth the first full-blown trailer for Deadpool 2.

It’s a typically meta and self-referential preview of what promises to be the outrageous outlier of 2018’s film lineup, but if you’re wondering why 20th Century Fox chose to unveil the Merc’s second coming mid-week, and not during, say, Super Bowl LII, you’re not alone.

Turns out there was method to the madness, as Fox wanted to wait until its rival studios had paraded their wares – think Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Infinity War – before drawing attention to their own summer tentpole. At least, that’s according to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, who provided his own analysis of yesterday’s trailer during a new interview with Heroic Hollywood.

Said he:

I mean all you have to do is look at my social media at any point during the day or in the last 3 months — ‘Where’s the real Trailer?! Where’s my footage?! When are we gonna see Josh’s Cable?!’ And Fox, they’re very cool with it and actually, they’ve completely won me over with how they handle everything. They basically starve everybody out and it’s brilliant. Like today, look, every other major movie has played their hand for the summer. So, Deadpool played their cards last. Everybody else jocking for position and today they have the entire space all to themselves, they knew what they had, they released it, people saw it, people saw how wonderful the movie looks.

And with so many headline-worthy blockbusters in development, it feels as though people are becoming increasingly impatient on the trailer front – when to expect them, how long they’ll last…that kinda’ thing. So perhaps we should be more willing to place our trust in those men and women behind Hollywood’s biggest footage reveals?

Either way, we know the untitled Deadpool sequel has been slated for release on May 18th – six weeks earlier than initially expected.