A Wolverine Cameo In Deadpool 2? Hugh Jackman Says “That Ship Has Sailed”


Just prior to Logan‘s arrival in 2017, the Internet was abuzz with rumors that James Mangold’s noir masterclass would herald our first sneak peek at Deadpool 2.

Initially, fans had come to expect some form of after-credits sequence featuring the Merc With a Mouth, but considering the vast shift in tone, it’s fair to say that a cheeky teaser trailer for Wade Wilson’s second solo adventure would only undercut what is perhaps one of the most memorable movie finales in recent memory.

And so, talk of Wolverine and Deadpool sharing the screen fell by the wayside…until now. With Fox’s marketing machine operating at full-tilt in anticipation of Deadpool 2 – so far, we’ve seen musical duets with Celine Dion and banter with Beckham and everything in between – Ryan Reynolds himself has tried to court Hugh Jackman out of X-retirement for one final final appearance as Wolverine, but to no avail. And in the eyes of Jackman, that ship sailed a long time ago.

TMZ caught up with the Aussie star to discuss the runaway success of The Greatest Showman and what comes next. However, it wasn’t long before Hugh Jackman was faced with the million-dollar question: will Deadpool 2 feature a Wolverine cameo? Or, failing that, a tongue-in-cheek appearance from Jackman himself? Don’t count on it, after the actor told TMZ:

“Ship has sailed, Ryan,” he said, directly to the camera. “Sorry, brother.”

Is that the final nail in the coffin? Who knows? Because if there’s one comic book character capable of reversing Wolverine’s death, it’s Deadpool and at least based on the first Twitter reactions, his second solo movie is every bit as hilarious as the first.

Look for Deadpool 2 to open big on May 18th.

Source: TMZ