Deadpool 2 And X-Men: Dark Phoenix Wrap Production


Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe is moving along swimmingly, it seems. Though the last entry into the main series was a bomb – X-Men: Apocalypse – things have really turned around since then thanks to the smashing success of Logan, which re-ignited interest in the mutants. Now, with the studio going all in on the franchise, there’s much to get excited about in the very near future.

Just this week, we finally got our first peek at Josh Boone’s spinoff The New Mutants, which looks absolutely fantastic and today, we’re hearing that both Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix have wrapped production ahead of their 2018 release dates. The latter is expected to be with us on November 2nd, while the former will arrive on June 1st.

Along with the aforementioned New Mutants, which is due on April 13th, they’ll make up what’ll no doubt be a huge year for the X-Men cinematic universe, which is all set to expand in new and exciting directions.

As for Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix, though, there’s not much else to report on other than that they’ll both now head into post-production as the studio puts together the best possible cut of each. Unfortunately, plot details remain tightly under lock and key, and will probably stay that way for a while longer, but now that they’ve entered post, we can expect the marketing machine to slowly kick into gear and imagine that by the start of 2018, we’ll begin to see some photos and maybe even footage from one, or both films.

Until then, however, what we can tell you is that from a giant inflatable panda to an overturned military truck, it’s clear that Deadpool 2 won’t skimp on blockbuster action sequences – hardly surprising, given that it’s coming from the director that brought us John Wick and this year’s Cold War thriller, Atomic Blonde.

Dark Phoenix, meanwhile, is said to hew closer to reality than full-blown fantasy. When asked about the tone that it’ll adopt, director Simon Kinberg noted that, “[We must] find a way to ground it so it’s not too intergalactic.” The filmmaker also drew attention to the “emotion” and “heart” of the franchise, which he believes to be the lifeblood that keeps the series relevant in this overcrowded superhero genre.

So, lots to get excited about then. But tell us, which of these two films are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments section below!