Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Reveals She Auditioned To Play Storm


This year’s Deadpool 2 snapped up rising star Zazie Beetz in the role of Domino, the breakout heroine with the handy power of being incredibly lucky. However, it turns out she could have joined the Marvel universe a couple of years earlier in Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

Beetz attended ACE Comic Con in Chicago this past weekend and was asked by a fan during a Q&A which other comic book character would she play given the chance. The actress revealed that she’d have to pick Storm, as she auditioned for the role in the 2016 movie. Of course, the part ultimately went to Alexandra Shipp, who replaced Halle Berry.

“I mean, when I was a kid I remember in terms of characters people would always be like, ‘You should be Storm.’ I auditioned for young Storm, actually, and I didn’t get it.”

Beetz then went on to elaborate how Storm meant a lot to her as a kid, telling the audience:

“I feel like growing up I always had an association with her. I mean, obviously, because being a young black woman that was the one I associated with. But I think that would have been a little fantasy of mine to do that, and sort of a nostalgic thing for me to try. So yeah, I’d say Storm.”

Though it clearly would’ve been very special for Beetz to be cast as her childhood heroine, things worked out for the best in the end. Despite the initial hubbub that always happens when a comic book character is cast as someone of a different ethnicity, Beetz proved to be perfect as Domino in Deadpool 2 and she was easily one of the best things about the sequel.

What’s more, she’s not done with superhero cinema, either. Beetz is currently filming DC’s Joker movie opposite Joaquin Phoenix as the titular Clown Prince of Crime. Again, though fans were initially skeptical of the project, what we’ve seen of it so far has got us excited and hopefully it’ll be another slam dunk role for the Atlanta star, who’s expected to appear in Drew Goddard’s Deadpool 2 follow-up X-Force.

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