Joaquin Phoenix And Zazie Beetz Have A Chat In New Joker Set Pics


Before Arthur Fleck became the Clown Prince of Crime we know today, he led a relatively ordinary life as a struggling comedian, as well as a very sad clown of the regular variety if that recent set video is anything to go by. What’s more, somewhere in this origin story from the upcoming Joker, it seems that hardened single mother Sophie Dumond will also have some part to play in Arthur’s pre-villain existence, though the nature of her role remains up for debate.

Perhaps these latest set photos of actress Zazie Beetz opposite her co-star Joaquin Phoenix can offer some clues as to the nature of their relationship, though. As the pair sit together in what’s reported to be a donut shop, Arthur looks to have a pretty big grin on his face half the time. Although, given the psychotic figure he’s destined to become, that’s no guarantee he means well for the woman sitting opposite him.

Many have speculated that Sophie will serve as a love interest in Arthur’s story, in which case, there’s a good chance that their relationship will end in heartbreak, if not outright tragedy. Either way, Beetz’s next comic book film role looks to be of a rather different breed to her turn as the freakishly lucky Domino in Deadpool 2.

While the new Joker movie won’t be coming our way for over a year, we already have a pretty generous array of photos, clips, and intel that offer some suggestions on the journey Arthur’s about to embark on, which may include everything from a bank robbery to a very public clash with Thomas Wayne. And we’ll finally get to see how it all fits together when the film hits theaters on October 4th, 2019.

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