Deadpool 3 Officially Moves Forward With Two New Writers


Ever since Disney purchased Fox and acquired the rights to all of their most valuable properties, a lot of people have been curious to see how the Mouse House would handle Deadpool 3. And understandably so.

After all, handling someone like the Merc with a Mouth in relation to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was always going to be a tricky situation. Not only does the MCU already have its own set of narrative rules and regulations, but a foul-mouthed and irreverent character who constantly breaks the fourth wall isn’t exactly something that would be easy to incorporate into the franchise.

Nevertheless, Disney is going to try their best to make it all work and Deadline brings word today that the studio has hired two new writers to pen the script. According to the outlet, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin have been tasked with bringing the Merc into the MCU, and they’ve got the approval of leading man Ryan Reynolds as well.

Though not exactly household names, the Molyneux sisters have been doing some solid work in recent years, acting as the creators, showrunners and executive producers of new Fox series The Great North, which will premiere in February 2021, while also taking credits as writers and executive producers on long-running hit show Bob’s Burgers, for which they won an Emmy in 2017. And that’s just scratching the surface, as Deadline notes that they’ve also “adapted the novel The People We Hate At The Wedding for FilmNation and the acclaimed video game The Sims for Legendary.”

So, they certainly seem qualified, but it’ll still be interesting to see how they handle the task ahead of them, as it’s definitely not an easy one – for all of the reasons mentioned above and more. But if Reynolds approves, then we shouldn’t have anything to worry about and with any luck, Deadpool 3 will be worth the wait once it finally arrives.

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