Deadpool Creator Calls For Ryan Reynolds To Return As Green Lantern


As anyone who stuck around for the mid-credits scenes of Deadpool 2 will be able to tell you, Ryan Reynolds doesn’t think too highly of his one-film run as Green Lantern, but just as the Merc with a Mouth got off to a bad start with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, part of you may wonder what could’ve been if the 2011 Hal Jordan had been given another chance.

In fact, Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld is still touting the idea to this day of another Green Lantern movie with Reynolds, taking to Twitter to make the case that the Once Upon a Deadpool star needs to wear the green spandex once more:

“I swear to you, I would love to see Ryan return as Green Lantern. I think it would receive positive reactions. The end credits to Deadpool 2 notwithstanding. Could be massive, just sayin.”

If Liefeld keeps this campaign going for another year or so, then maybe Reynolds will get some idea of how Hugh Jackman feels about the constant calls for a Deadpool and Wolverine team-up.

Regardless, while most viewers would agree that Reynolds’ performance wasn’t the worst thing about the 2011 Green Lantern, the actor seems pretty happy sticking with one comic book franchise for the time being. Besides, at the rate that Green Lantern Corps is currently progressing, it could be a while before any version of Hal Jordan makes it back onto our screens.

As it stands, the reboot is set for release on July 24th, 2020, though given how liable the DCEU release schedule is to change, there’s always the possibility that this will be one more Warner Bros. project that lingers in the development stage for a little longer. As for who, if not Reynolds, might assume the role, that remains unclear for the time being, but for what it’s worth, some fans are really gunning for John Krasinski as the next Green Lantern.

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