John Krasinski Is Hal Jordan On Awesome Green Lantern Corps Fan Art


John Krasinski may have lost the role of Captain America to Chris Evans all those years ago, but seeing how superhero cinema has only gotten bigger in the time since, there remain plenty of opportunities for a star of his caliber to break into the genre. And while parts of the internet have already endorsed the director of A Quiet Place for the role of Reed Richards in the MCU, Instagram artist Barrett.Digital is seeing a future in the DCEU for the actor as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps.

The fan art does a nice job of updating the design for a modern superhero context, creating a suit that would fit in just fine alongside the likes of Ben Affleck’s Batman and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. As for Krasinski himself, the image sells the star admirably, though it’s hard not see where the Armie Hammer supporters are coming from, too.

In any case, though Hal Jordan’s next big screen outing is still in its relatively early stages, here’s hoping that this film can at least surpass the low bar set for it by the 2011 movie, a feature that continues to draw to derision to this day, none more so than from its own star Ryan Reynolds. Indeed, Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern may not have set the best precedent for this next attempt, but if Reynolds can take his role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and turn it into a popular series, then perhaps another star can do the same for the actor’s other most hated superhero flick.

We’ll find out when Green Lantern Corps arrives on July 24th, 2020, which is hopefully a long enough period for the DCEU to finally get its act together.