John Krasinski Is Reed Richards On Awesome Fantastic Four Fan Art


John Krasinski has done a helluva job rebranding himself this year. Typecast as the strong silent type, he gave new meaning to the label, quite literally, in his box office smash A Quiet Place. Having earned an astonishing $328 million at the worldwide ticket booth, and a breathtaking 95% certified fresh score on the Tomatometer, the primarily silent horror film – in which he starred, directed and co-wrote the script for – has launched Krasinski into the upper pantheon of coveted talent.

What with A Quiet Place 2 supposedly on the way, and his Amazon original series Jack Ryan set to kickoff at the end of next month, it would appear that the sky is indeed the limit for John Krasinski. And seeing as superhero-dom is the flavour of the decade, what better place for his growing celebrity to take the next step.

Twitter user UberKryptonian recently had a minute to kill and decided to spend those waning seconds creating a Fantastic Four character poster, in which he envisioned none other than Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic himself, Reed Richards. You can check out the clever bit of fan casting below, which follows on from several other pieces put forth by various different artists (also included in the gallery).

Given that the proposed acquisition of 21st Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company is in an utmost precarious state, the rights to intellectual properties owned by the Rupert Murdoch-founded multinational mass media corporation – including Deadpool, the Fantastic Four and the X-Men – are still very much up in the air. And they’ll likely remain that way for a little while longer yet.

That said, taking into account the abhorrent reception that Josh Trank’s reboot received upon release, I think it’s safe to assume that whoever ends up controlling the mutant supergroup will be looking to recast, and John Krasinski certainly has my vote for Reed Richards. Does he have yours, though?