Deadpool Creator Reveals Interesting Secret About Stan Lee’s Cameo


A staple of any Marvel movie, including those outside of the MCU, was always the Stan Lee cameo. I mean, who could blame the man largely responsible for creating the modern-day Gods for wanting to be a part of the films in some way?

Of course, Lee passed away in 2018, but he still managed to make more than 60 cameos in various movies and TV shows over the years. Perhaps the most memorable of them all though was his appearance in Deadpool. In the film, he plays a DJ in a strip club introducing “Chastity to the stage.” But according to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, Lee didn’t do the scene on set. Instead, he was by himself in front of a green screen and was placed in the strip club afterwards.

“And here we go to the biggest cameo of all time,” Liefeld said during a commentary track he did with’s Brandon Davis. “They shot him in isolation then blended him into the strip club.”

Did they think he might have a heart attack in front of a bunch of naked women? Who knows? Out of all of his cameos, though, this is one of the best. The other great one that comes to mind is the library scene from The Amazing Spider-Man. There, he’s listening to music in the foreground as Spider-Man and the Lizard destroy the library behind him. It’s the most visually impressive scene Lee ever appeared in and you can only wonder why the rest of the movie wasn’t that great.

I also like in The Incredible Hulk where he drinks the tainted bottle of juice. Although, are we sure director Louis Leterrier didn’t kill poor Stan in that scene? Another favorite is also in Avengers: Age of Ultron, when Lee challenges Thor to give him a taste of Asgardian booze. Cut to the next scene and Lee is drunk as two Stark employees escort him away as he mumbles “Excelsior.”

In a number of his cameos, Lee played a creepy old man hitting on much younger women. Those ones haven’t aged well, but some are better than others and the Deadpool scene falls somewhere in the middle. But Lee brought a great level of energy to his role every time and also wanted to keep doing more, even in his old age.