Deadpool Creator Wants Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine In The X-Force Movie


While Hugh Jackman remains steadfast in his decision to leave his most famous role in the past, the fans have yet to give up their dream of seeing a Wolverine and Deadpool team-up, and among those pushing for the crossover is the Merc with a Mouth’s own co-creator Rob Liefeld, who argues that the upcoming X-Force film could be just the opportunity for Logan’s comeback.

Last month, Liefeld penned an open letter to Jackman explaining why the crossover needs to happen, even citing a few comics that could be adapted, and in an interview with Nerdist, the writer and artist made it clear that his views haven’t changed:

“Yes, of course, everyone. I am one of those, I even wrote a letter. I’m holding out hope that Hugh Jackman wakes up one morning and goes, ‘Yeah, what was I thinking? I should still be Wolverine’.”

Liefeld also showed his support for bringing back Shatterstar in the next film, despite the character’s death by helicopter blades in Deadpool 2, adding:

“There’s tremendous opportunity for all these characters to be expanded on and I believe they will, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

The X-Force co-creator went on to suggest how the movie could be made in a more serious tone in the vein of Avengers: Endgame, before remarking that the property has the potential to be big either way:

“I can humbly sit here and submit to you that X-Force is the second best selling comic book of all time.”

Clearly there’s a demand to see this team brought to cinemas, and according to Liefeld, fan interest remains fundamental to how the comic book world operates:

“We live in a world now where the fans kind of dictate everything. Fans are so powerful now and when they want something, you’re a fool not to give it to them.”

deadpool wolverine

That being said, the fans have made it all too apparent that they want to see Jackman come back for a Deadpool team-up, and yet the actor continues to double down on his choice to move on from Wolverine. At this rate, the chances of seeing a reunion between the two mutants are looking pretty slim, though Ryan Reynolds may be onto something with his alternative suggestion that Jackman could play himself in X-Force.

In any case, we still have much to learn about Wade Wilson’s next big screen outing, but in the meantime, Once Upon a Deadpool is still in the midst of a two-week run in cinemas.