Deadpool Fans Are Loving His MCU Debut


Marvel fans were treated to a surprise today as Deadpool made his first interactions with a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the lovable Thor: Ragnarok star Korg.

In the hilarious promo for Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds’ latest flick Free Guy, the pair sat down to record a reaction video to the film’s trailer. As those familiar with these two characters would expect, the interactions between the two and their reaction to the video were full of humor.

While not expected, fans were stoked to see Deadpool finally come face-to-face with an MCU alumni and expressed their excitement via Twitter.

Reynolds wasn’t the only Free Guy star in the promo as fans would know that Korg is voiced by fellow star Taika Waititi. The film drops in theatres on Aug. 13 after facing a hefty delay from its original 2020 release due to COVID.

While we’ve had a small look at Deadpool among the MCU now, it isn’t clear when Deadpool 3 will be launching and cementing the character’s place in the MCU. But with his charm and wit, it is sure to be a delight when it unfolds on screen.

Right now, Deadpool 3 is in early development so it will be some time before fans can expect the film to be released.