Deadpool Star Wants To Play Kraven The Hunter In Spider-Man 3

Deadpool and Colossus

Spider-Man: Far From Home may only have been in theaters for little over a week but given the twists, turns and revelations at the end of the movie, rumors are already running wild about the next installment. Kevin Feige is adamant that the third Spidey flick gives audiences something that they haven’t seen before, and these sentiments have been echoed by director Jon Watts.

The filmmaker recently revealed that the next movie’s villain would be a character that hasn’t been done on the big screen yet, and specifically named Kraven the Hunter as someone that he would ‘love’ to bring into the MCU. Given how Far From Home ends, the inevitable third outing for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man could be the ideal time to introduce the alter-ego of Sergei Kravinoff.

Almost as soon as this information hit the internet fans started speculating about who could play Kraven, while an actor with existing ties to movies based on Marvel comic books publicly declared an interest. Serbian star Stefan Kapicic, who provided the motion capture and voice work for Colossus in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, responded to a tweet that made his intentions very clear.

The 40 year-old actor certainly looks the part, standing at a commanding six feet and four inches as well as already sporting a very Kraven-esque goatee. A self-proclaimed comic book geek, Kapicic has already started re-tweeting fan art depicting him as the character.

While it remains to be seen if Kraven the Hunter is even going to be the villain in Spider-Man 3, Kapicic looks set to continue his one-man campaign to get the role regardless. After all, if both Cable and Thanos can be played by the same actor, then why not Colossus and Kraven?