Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Shares Special Message For His Birthday


After receiving a series of birthday greetings on social media, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has taken to Twitter himself to reflect on his special day and share a quick midterm message.

A few days ago, actor Mark Ruffalo posted a meme of himself and his Avengers 4 co-star Paul Rudd that urged his fans to vote, and it seems that his fellow screen hero had a similar idea in mind when he posted an image of him and his wife Blake Lively, along with the following text:

“Best birthday ever ever.  I have a new favorite four letter word. #JustVoted”

Throughout the day, Reynolds has received numerous birthday wishes, including one from his old friend and X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star Hugh Jackman, who tweeted a photo of the pair sharing a hug.

And speaking of less-than-beloved comic book movies that Reynolds has been in, Warner Bros. sent the actor a Green Lantern-themed birthday message, serving as an unexpected reminder of the role he played in the critically panned box office flop.

Though Reynolds’ outing as Hal Jordan failed to turn into a franchise, and Origins proved to be something of a false start for Wade Wilson, Reynolds has since got into the swing of being a superhero thanks to the Deadpool series, with both the 2016 movie and its recent sequel earning strong responses from audiences and critics alike.

That being said, next on the agenda for the Merc with a Mouth is the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, which is set for release on December 21st and has yet to win the favor of the fans. Time will tell whether audiences warm up to The Deadpool Before Christmas, but at least the upcoming X-Force movie seems closer to what viewers want from the character, four letter words and all.

Source: Twitter