Deadpool Targets Thanos On New Marvel 10th Anniversary Parody Poster


Deadpool usually likes to ruffle a few feathers by breaking the odd fourth wall here and there. From mocking Ryan Reynolds himself for starring in Green Lantern (which is fair game, to be honest), to sending up his own film because the production company couldn’t afford enough X-Men, to constantly digging at his much-maligned outing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you can always count on the Merc for a good laugh.

Sticking with taking it to Marvel this time, Deadpool’s had a day or so to peruse the MCU’s 33 10th anniversary celebration posters and has in turn responded in such a way that only he can. Here, the regenerating degenerate features in his own Marvel 10th anniversary artwork (regardless of the fact that Deadpool was only released in 2016 and isn’t part of the MCU), sitting atop Thanos’ throne, with the Infinity Gauntlet complete and held high.

See for yourself in the gallery below (which also includes the 33 Marvel posters).

This smooth fan art was brought to us by creator Rob Liefeld and is just the latest in a long line of Thanos/Avengers jokes to come from the Merc with a Mouth. They’ve been continuously escalating ever since Josh Brolin, who stars as the Mad Titan in Infinity War, was cast as Cable, too.

For instance, one of the sequel’s trailers saw our hero’s action figure tea-bagging a Cable figure whilst claiming, “I got the stones to help you!” in a barbed nod to the Mad Titan’s quest to fill his Infinity Gauntlet. Even before that, DP announces “I’ll do it myself,” in reference to Thanos’ frustrated credit sting at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Deadpool 2‘s final trailer also featured ‘Pool shouting “Pump the hate-brakes, Thanos,” when Cable’s revealing why his prey’s days are numbered. With all these subtle hints he’s been dropping, and that pending Fox-Disney deal, it’s certainly looking like it’s not too outside the realms of possibility that Deadpool may one day turn up in the MCU. Fingers crossed, eh?

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