Death Is An Occupational Hazard In Latest Clip And Trailer For Sabotage


Say what you want about Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the fact remains that the guy is back in a big way. Oddly enough, his most recent spate of films have been quite watchable, and he looks to keep that record going with the bullet-addled DEA thriller Sabotage.

The film features Arnie leading a team of badass undercover DEA agents – “the best in the business,” naturally – who run afoul of an international drug cartel by ripping off millions of ill-gotten dollars. The result is what’s expected from an Arnold Schwarzenegger film: body counts rise, the agents find themselves at odds with both the Feds and the cartel, and there’s a lot of testosterone-fueled shouting.

The most recent clip from Sabotage gives us Arnold having it out with one of his team members, played by Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike). As muscles flex, Arnie proves that he’s still the baddest badass in the room. It certainly sets the tone of the film, which looks like a slightly more serious version of The Expendables, or any other higher grade B-film to come out in the past ten years. Starring alongside Arnie and Joe are Sam Worthington, Josh Holloway and Olivia Williams, with a script and direction from David Ayer (Training Day). Not a bad line-up, all things considered

While no one expects great art from an Arnold Schwarzenegger film, the actor has actually done some surprisingly enjoyable work in his later career. Escape Plan was loads of fun, as was The Last Stand. Has Arnold progressed at all as an an actor since the days of Terminator and Commando? No, not really, but do we expect him to? He’s Arnold Schwarzenegger and that seems good enough for him.

You can check out the latest clip and the UK trailer for Sabotage below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Good times?

Sabotage comes to theatres March 28.